Do you like gifts with a sense of humour? 

Margaret's Photoartx manages a global online novelty shop containing hundreds of affordable gift ideas with our own fun and quirky photography art printed on a variety of practical merchandise such as apparel, bags, stationery, clocks, wall art, laptop and phone cases, pillows, bedding and lots more. 

You can buy from anywhere in the world and our agent Redbubble will look after all the business side from manufacture through to shipment and customer service.  Shipping worldwide, our shop also lets you change from Australian dollars to another currency (see grey strip at bottom of shop page).  


Want to make your friends, family, colleagues, suppliers or clients either laugh or smile?  Buy them novelty gifts!

They are ideal for:

a) people looking for gifts with attitude or sense of humour for friends, family or colleagues who are difficult to buy presents for,

b) interior designers or people wanting to make their rooms look interesting with fun designs/products and,

c) businesses looking for funny corporate gifts for their suppliers and/or clients. 


Yes! Discounts will automatically be applied at checkout for most products when you purchase 2 or more of the same type. 

Also keep a lookout at the top of the shop page. Occasionally our agent Redbubble advertises a special code to give you an opportunity to receive a special price on certain products.  

For example, the advertisement looks something like the below:


We also offer a special customised service to print your logo or other design on any merchandise you see in our shop for the same price. Very affordable!



**Below photo is a screenshot to give you a glimpses of what our novelty shop looks like. Please take a look**


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